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          1. 潮牌服飾VI設計 by 心銘舍

            潮牌服飾VI設計 by 心銘舍

            Project :Branding | 潮牌服飾VI設計
            Location : GuangZhou, China
            Partners : B | V
            Chief Designer : TuanHui.Guo
            Graphic Designer : Jack
            Project manager :Jem
            Agency: Xinming Design | 心銘舍品牌設計
            Year : 2018


            It’s our mission to help illuminate the way forward for brands, bringing their future into reality. 
            Our creative process enables us to uncover brand potential and opportunities for formulating an exciting and emotionally resonant visual narrative. 
            This collaborative approach provides a strong foundation leading to the design and development of all key touch points. As a design and technology company, we’ve seen the landscape change dramatically — our industry has evolved, our clients’ businesses and their challenges have become more complex, consumer behavior has changed — and we have changed. 
            Xinming Design was started with the belief that intuitive and engaging consumer experiences will help move our clients’ businesses forward — and we still believe that today. 
            We help our clients realize the full potential of digital through our Strategic Design process and the solutions we create for them.


            品牌形象設計 品牌設計  服裝品牌形象設計  vi設計  潮牌VI設計 服裝品牌VI設計