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          1. AP LAZER ( 美國 ) 品牌升級

            AP LAZER ( 美國 ) 品牌升級

            AP LAZER lead business owners to explore priceless market such as imagination, creativity, Inspiration, memories, love and care… with high profit with the most advanced technology.

            Our mission statement: to lead our customers to preserve things money can't buy by making priceless memories, imagination, creativity and artistry, love and dreams tangible on products that can be treasured forever.

            Project :Branding
            Industry:Laser engraving
            Location : America
            Partners : AP LAZER
            Chief Designer : LuHao.Lee
            Chief Designer : TuanHui.Guo
            Graphic Designer : Jack
            Project manager :Jem
            Website : www.aplazer.com

            Team : Xinming Design | 心銘舍品牌設計
            Year : 2017


            標簽:VI設計,品牌設計,VI設計,vi設計公司,心銘舍,AP LAZER