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      1. 品牌商業插畫設計


        The company's founder, Gottlieb Wilhelm Ritmüller, migrated as a simple instrument maker, Abeer a capable master of his craft, in the late 18th century from Eichsfeld to Gottingen from. there greater opportunities were given to him to bring the products of his industry and his art in the trade. It was only a small workshop, which he in Ranked # 383, now Castle Straß 35, instituted.

        Until the turn of the century had the business Ritmüllers whose name already enjoyed good reputation on Gottingen addition, taken such a boom that he could remember, to reason their own households. Steiner concluded on October 12, 1800 marriage to Dorothea Schenterlein sprung three sons. The eldest, William Ritmüller (born in 1802, died 1868), led the company with its own name after the death of his father continued and built mainly pianos (fortepiano). With him was the son of the Brunswick Pianofortefabeikanten Steinway, who later founded the company Steinway & Sons in New York, in the teaching.

        The Altan seen Pianofortefabrik W. Ritmüller & Son A.-G in Gottingen was in Augus d. J., as we have already briefly reported at this point who commit to celebrate its 125th anniversary. In the development of the house Ritmüller reflected quite resist the career of German industry, where small beginnings out great enterprises have grown and German industry, German labor have earned their rightful place in the world market.

        Project :Branding
        Location : Germany
        Partners : Pearl River Piano Group
        Chief Designer : LH.Lee | 李陸浩
        Chief Designer : Gong.Mian | 龔冕
        Illustrator Designer : MP.Z | 朱夢萍
        Graphic Designer : Jack | 李杰
        Team : Xinming Design | 心銘舍
        Year : 2016