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      1. 咖啡品牌形象設計


        Project :Branding
        Industry:Coffee & Bakery
        Location : ChongQing.China
        Chief Designer : Gong.Mian | 龔冕
        Graphic Designer : XiaoMeng.Bai | 拜曉夢
        Graphic Designer : MeiNa.Liu | 美娜
        Team : Xinming Design | 心銘舍
        Year : 2016


        GodLuck is dealing with the sale of coffee shop, which is based in Chongqin district. Client hoped products are unique, custom, stylish patterns in different colors and feather patterns to represent the meaning of happiness. On the performance of the God Luck, Client preferred to offer not just reflecting the understanding of dark aesthetics but also need the point of view with diverse dimension in order to explore the rich culture. XInmin Design Alliance provided an array of fully illustrated to represented the beauty of nature. Products are unique, stylish pattern in different types of images made to order ( traditional, decorating and stylish packages, etc. )


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